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Monday, August 9, 2010

Isaac is OLD......

I've joked about it for years, but its officially true now.........Isaac is OLD!!! He celebrated his 30th birthday. hahaha OK he's not really, but he's been dreading this birthday for sometime now. And I love to poke fun.
To celebrate his birthday, I threw him a pool party at Tapitio Cliffs Point Hilton. A couple of our closes friends came and spent the day with us at the pool. Isaac's parents came and stayed the night with us. And my good friend Kathleen made an amazing cake to Isaac's surprise. It was in a shape of a lawn ornament donkey. It was a huge hit!!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

18 weeks

So today I'm 18 weeks pregnant. I found out yesterday that we are having a baby boy and a baby girl!!! We are sooooo excited!! I was completley surprised when the doc said the second baby was a girl. We also have chosen their names. Our boy will be Isaac Neal Morgan iv but he will be called Zaac. Our baby girl will be Zoey Lynn Morgan. I'm still in shock that I get to use a girls' name. During the ultra sound Zoey was being shy and covering her face. She was also kicking her brother in the head.
We have been soo busy at our house getting ready for my 2 bundles of joy. We had 25 bags of stuff we donated to goodwill and another 15 or so of junk. We had gotten so comfortable in our little house being just the two of us for the last 9 years, that we definatley had to make room for Zaac and Zoey. We also have completed their nursery. It turned out so cute!! Isaac painted the walls and put together the furniture that grandma and grandpa had gotten for the babies. And my dad came over and painted trees on the walls to go with our owl and bird theme. It turned out great.
So I also have been going to the doctor a lot. Not because there is a problem, but just for the normal protocal with twins. I saw my doctor, dr Johnson ,and she said babies are looking good. My belly is measuring 25 weeks even though I'm only 18. She said that number will continue to grow as they get bigger. Zaac and Zoey are pretty equal in size weighing about 8 ounces and measuring about 8 inches in length.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

News I've waited for years to be able to share

After eight years of trying to conceive, 2 years of seeing a specialist, countless testings, hundreds of blood draws, what felt like thousands of injections, and millions of pills we have found out that WE ARE EXPECTIING............TWINS. Yes you read that right, twins. We feel sooo completely blessed to share this news with you all!! WE will be expecting to meet our little peanuts this November. God is sooo good!!!!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Grows Closer

This has been a great week!! Isaac and I have been very busy working! December is always a very busy time in the salon industry. And we have been very blessed that this December hasn't been any different!! We have definitely been working a lot. But we are BLESSED to say that we have jobs and that we love them!!
So after a hard week of work we had a great day off on Sunday. We have just recently started attending a new church. And we LOVE IT!! God has definitely been speaking to us threw the services. Isaac's uncle and his fiance were in town visiting for Tristin's(our adorable nephews') birthday. So they joined us for church. It was a great message. It was about really remembering what Christmas really means, Jesus' birthday. And our pastor challenged us to stop and really thank God for sending his son in to the world for us. And before we open presents to sing happy birthday to Jesus. What a great idea, huh? Especially if you have kids, I thought.
After service we went to the Phoenix zoo for Tristins birthday. It was a blast!! And it was beautiful AZ weather. We don't get rainy misty days here to often. So we definitely have to be thankful when we do get them!!! Tristin and the other kids got to pet some little animals. And then we went on a train ride threw the park. It was beautiful!! Next up was the sting ray exhibit. You can actually pet them. It was so cute seeing the kids faces while they touched the slimy creatures!!
But my fav part of the zoo is the beautiful peacocks!! I really love seeing them and taking pics of them.
Here is some for you to see

Monday, December 7, 2009

25 fun or interesting facts

So I read magazines all the time and one of my favorite sections is when celebrities fill out unknown facts about them selves....So I thought I would do the same
1. I love making people laugh even if its at my expense
2. I realize I'm only 27 but I think I'm going deaf
3. I sleep walk and talk. and sometimes I carry on full conversations that are in some other unknown language(at least that's what friends and family tell me)
4. I am a horrible speller but yet it is one of my pet peeves
5. I hate scary movies
6. I am a very loud talker!! My husband and I have hand signals for when I need to bring down the volume
7. I cry at everything!! including miss America pageants,the Superbowl, and even ufc fights.
8. I sometimes laugh when people get hurt
9. I have farted many times publicly and completely denied it or blamed it on others
10.I embarrass my self daily!!!
11.I have a staring problem
12.I am VERY scared of the dark
13.I can not roller skate (last time I tried I broke my tailbone)
14.I am so cheap............ but I always can justify shopping
15.I am always cold
16.I am constantly starting new projects and not finishing them
17.I don't really like fact Ive gone many years skipping my own b-day cake
18.Pickles and nacho cheese is one of my fav. snacks
19.I have personal space issues..please don't put your arm around me
20.I easily get anxiety from people slurping or eating with their mouth open
21.I am a really bad driver
22.I try to dance but all of my friends know I only am capable of dancing "dirty" think "touch ya toez"
23.Right and left...I can't remember which one is which
24. I can not roll my tongue(Spanish is impossible)
25.I can not wink..not at all. If I try it looks like a face seizure

New Things

So I decided I needed an outlet to express my self. I have a million things I love to do, including shopping, cooking, baking, painting, photography, sewing, decorating..... OK so there is so many more but there is not enough room for all of them. I have so many dreams for the future and things that I want to do, that if I stop for too long and think about them I start to get the worst anxiety ever!! So instead I find ways to keep my self busy and to clear my mind. O.K. so shopping is not too creative(unless I find an amazing deal, then its very creative). But more so in cooking, painting,and photography. When I'm taking pictures I love it. I can not draw very well but when I take picture I'm able to create what I see in my head, because lord knows I can not draw what I in vision. If I try its stick figures and trees that look like lollipops. Here is some of the recent pictures I've taken.
This is a beautiful tulip out of a bouquet I was given

This is from a recent trip to Las Vegas

And this is a pic of my nephew. I took them for a surprise present for grandma..sshh!